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Benefits offered by Integrity Extended Warranties are in addition to any warranties and guarantees relating to your vehicle under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Australian Consumer Law) and State and Territory legislation.

Any information provided is an overview only — please refer to your warranty booklet/document for full coverage, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of your specific warranty.

We’ve outlined answers below to commonly asked questions and encourage you to contact us with any further queries or concerns

Extended Warranties

  • Where can I purchase an Extended Warranty?

    Integrity’s warranty and administered products are only available through selected Dealers and Finance Brokers throughout Australia – if your Dealer or Finance Broker does not have access to our Extended Warranty range of products and you would like to purchase one, ask them contact us on 1800 357 227 for more details on how they too can become a Dealer or Finance Broker with Integrity!

  • How much do they cost?

    We have a wide range of products; when considering what suits your needs, many factors such as model, age and distance travelled of your vehicle or asset will not only determine what cover is best but also the associated cost. Your Dealer or Finance Broker will explain all of this to you at the time.

  • Will my vehicle / asset qualify?

    As long as the vehicle or asset is authorised for and used on Australian roads or waterways and meets the terms and conditions detailed in the relevant warranty terms and conditions.

  • Can I pay for the warranty in instalments?

    Some Dealers and Finance Brokers have an agreement with a third-party provider to finance an Extended Warranty. We cannot advise you on such finance arrangements and you should seek independent advice.

    All finance related enquiries should be directed to your chosen financier.

  • How long can I cover my vehicle / asset for?

    We have plans with 1 to 5 year terms available – ask your Dealer or Finance Broker for more details.

  • Can I renew my warranty when it expires?

    The warranty is not renewable once it expires and can only be purchased at the time you purchase a vehicle or asset from an approved Integrity Dealer or Finance Broker.

  • Can I purchase a vehicle or asset privately and then buy a warranty from Integrity, a Dealer or Finance Broker?

    No, Integrity Extended Warranties can only be purchased at the time you purchase a vehicle from an approved Integrity Dealer or Finance Broker. Integrity does not sell warranties direct to the public.

  • Are there any restrictions on mileage?

    Some products are unlimited kilometres whereas others are a combination of both capped and unlimited kilometres (please refer to your warranty document for full coverage, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of your specific warranty).


  • Do I have to pay an excess?

    There is no upfront excess imposed on any of the Extended Warranty products.

  • How are claims made?

    If your vehicle or asset encounters a mechanical failure or breakdown, contact our Claims department on 1800 357 227 before organising a repair and we will direct you to the nearest authorised repair centre for evaluation.

    Once the diagnosis has been received, our claims team will assess the claim and if approved then organise payment to the authorised repairer and for them to execute the repair and get you back on the road fast!

    If the issue is not claimable, we may still be able to assist you through our network of approved repairers Australia-Wide.

  • What happens if my vehicle or asset has a warranty claim whilst I am interstate?

    Integrity offer protection wherever you are in Australia - please contact us prior to authorising any work and have your repairer call the Integrity Claims department on FREECALL 1800 357 227.

    We will communicate directly with your repairer without the need for claim forms and will even pay the repairer directly.

  • Who and where are your approved repairers?

    An approved repairer today may not be an approved repairer tomorrow – to ensure the best possible service our approved repairer network is continually being monitored for quality of workmanship, pricing and customer satisfaction. Please contact us for an approved repairer near you.

  • Can I claim more than once on my warranty?

    Integrity Extended Warranties allow for multiple (and in some circumstances UNLIMITED) claims within the warranty period (please refer to your warranty booklet/document for full coverage, terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of your specific warranty).


  • Whilst under the protection of an Integrity Warranty, where can I have my vehicle / asset serviced?

    Most of our warranties allow you to service your vehicle or asset anywhere providing they are a licensed mechanic. There are some exceptions so please refer to your warranty terms and conditions.

  • What if I want my mechanic to service my vehicle / asset?

    Provided your mechanic or service centre operates from a registered business, is registered for GST and your mechanic may carry out all regular routine services without any risk to your warranty entitlement.

  • Some warranty companies impose onerous servicing intervals on owners, what are Integrity’s service intervals?

    The most you will need to service your vehicle is every 6 months or 10,000kms, whichever occurs first unless your vehicle manufacturer requires a more frequent service interval. For Extension to Manufacturer styled cover vehicles need to be serviced at intervals in accordance with your vehicle Manufacturer’s service recommendations.

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